Monday, June 15, 2009

Yorkshire Pork Pie

Chop lean pork somewhat coarsely; butter a pudding dish and line with good paste; put in the pork interspersed with minced onion and hard boiled eggs, cut into bits and sprinkle with pepper, salt, and powdered sage. Now and then dust with flour and drop in a bit of butter. When all the meat is in, dredge with flour and stick small pieces of butter quite thickly all over it. Cover with puff paste, cut a slit in the middle of the crust and bake ½ an hour for each lb. of meat. When it begins to brown, wash the crust with the white of an egg. It will give a fine gloss to it.—From "The National Cook Book," by Marion Harland and Christine Terhune Herrick.

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