Friday, March 5, 2010

Easy Recipes - Beef Pot Pie

Cut into small pieces, some beef from the chuck or round, put in a saucepan and stew for two hours well covered; add a slice of fat pork or bacon, an onion, salt and pepper to taste, and thicken with flour. Line a deep dish with biscuit dough, pour in the beef, cover over the top with more of the dough. Bake in a quick oven.

Laurentian Salad

Chop fine slices of cold roast beef and the same amount each of cold boiled potatoes and beets, a few slices of tomatoes and a few leaves of lettuce. Mix well. Cover with mayonnaise dressing and garnish with sliced red radishes.

Florida Corn Cake

One egg, 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoonful salt fat pork, 1 teaspoonful salt, 1 of sugar, 2 cups white corn-meal, 1 tablespoonful baking powder. Mix all thoroughly and bake in 2 thin cakes.

Easy Recipes - Veal Gumbo

In two tablespoonfuls of hot fat brown one chopped onion and quarter of a pound of fat ham cut into dice. Add 1 qt. of boiling water, ½ a can of tomatoes, 3 lbs. of veal cut in pieces, and half a teaspoonful of salt. Stew for 2 hours; add 1 qt. can of okra and cook for an hour and a half longer, adding seasoning as necessary ½ an hour before it is done. Serve with a separate dish of boiled rice.—From "Table Talk," Phila.