Monday, March 14, 2011


This is an economical dinner, especially where there are many mouths to feed. Buy a few pounds of either salt brisket, thick or thin flank, or buttock of beef; these pieces are always to be had at a low rate. Let us suppose you have bought a piece of salt beef for a Sunday's dinner, weighing about five pounds, at 6-1/2_d._ per pound, that would come to 2_s._ 8-1/2_d._; two pounds of common flour, 4_d._, to be made into suet pudding or dumplings, and say 8-1/2_d._ for cabbages, parsnips, and potatoes; altogether 3_s._ 9_d._ This would produce a substantial dinner for ten persons in family, and would, moreover, as children do not require much meat when they have pudding, admit of there being enough left to help out the next day's dinner, with potatoes.

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