Sunday, May 15, 2011


Wash and pick over Fruit. Crush in kettle one layer at a time and boil, stirring frequently, until juice is extracted from pulp. Let drip through double piece of cheesecloth, rinsed in cold water, over night or till juice no longer drips. Do not squeeze. To 1 tablespoon juice add 1 tablespoon alcohol; stir and let stand 10 minutes. If 2/3 of the mixture is cloudy use 2/3 cup sugar to each cup juice. If all is cloudy use equal parts sugar and juice. (This is called the Pectin Test.) Be sure that juice mixed with alcohol is discarded immediately. Measure remaining juice into kettle, bring to boiling point, add required amount of sugar and cook to 220 degrees F. or until mixture will show two distinct, firm drops when dripped from side of spoon, or when small amount will become firm when dropped on very cold saucer. Then skim and pour into sterilized glasses.

Second Extraction

Return fruit pulp to kettle, add barely enough cold water to cover it, bring slowly to boiling point, stirring to prevent burning on; cook 5 minutes, drain and finish as for first extraction, boiling 5 minutes before adding the sugar.

Third Extraction

Proceed as for second extraction. Oftentimes the juice from second and third extractions may be combined before being made up into jelly. By making three extractions the amount of jelly obtainable from a given amount of fruit may be almost doubled.

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